Photolog: Venice (II) - Campanile Di San Marco

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

(Note: Posting this in random order! I just loved this set of photos and couldn't wait to share them on this page.)

On the second or third day of visiting Venice, at a time where we had no idea what we should possibly do, Ross and I decided to pay 8 or so Euros to go up a bell tower to check out the views of Venice.

Warning - It is extremely important to bring ten coats, a pair of earmuffs, ten pairs of gloves and maybe even a portable fireplace up there as I briefly considered jumping off the Campanile when the wind blew at me.

All the photos above was taken with an iPhone 6, with filters randomly thrown on.

One thing for sure, the views up there was absolutely amazing. I stayed there for only 10 minutes due to the cold but it was worth every penny :)

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