London (II)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

On the second or third day of our London adventure, we decided to head down to Camden to check out the Camden market! This is after a failed attempt to Borough Market, which was closed! :(

Camden Lock, part of the historic Camden Market, is the creative and cultural heart of London. Featuring some of London's finest designers, artists and independent sellers, as well as a delicious selection of the best food venders in town, Camden Lock is a favourite spot for locals and tourists, and deservedly so. Camden Lock

The Camden Markets reminded me a lot of Bugis Street in Singapore. 

Found a lovely Fish and Chips place for lunch! 


After Camden, we decided to head around London exploring more of the lovely city! We found Neal's Yard, a little hideaway by accident. 

If you want to drop by somewhere for coffee, I'd definitely recommend Neal's Yard. It seems like time has stopped there while people are sitting by each other having a beer or a cuppa.

Wish I had more time to explore that place!

(As I am writing this from my work desk back in Brisbane................. I feel so depressed RN. #postholidayblues)

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