London calling (I)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ross and I embarked on a trip around Europe sometime in the middle of April. We've actually planned this for the longest time and it felt so surreal when we finally made it!

We started off with London! The rumours are true -- London is cold and dreary... but that doesn't subtract anything at all from the beauty of what used to be the world's capital. 

Cold and dreary! Dark and gloomy! That's London for you :P 

The Breakfast Club. 

Honestly, TBC wasnt as amazing as I thought it would be. If you like artery clogging fatty food, this is for you - but for me? I may come back again... or not. 

After breakfast, an amble around town was a given. We found the Admiralty Arch along the way! 

Some changing of the guards thingy. It lost my attention halfway because it was raining and I was cold. #grumpy 

Downing Street! David Cameron probably has to move out soon :(  #brexit

Serious shit going on in there. 

The London Eye! 

Some very important statue that has to do with feminism on the London Bridge. 

Trafalgar Square! 

Random pic of Oxford Street! This will be forever known as the place where I gave up on life because of how long Ross takes to shop.

If anyone has also noticed the lack of enthusiasm in this post, that's because I've actually already written this post twice but didn't save it. So, this is actually the third time I'm writing this post. I will do better next time :P 

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