London (II)

On the second or third day of our London adventure, we decided to head down to Camden to check out the Camden market! This is after a failed attempt to Borough Market, which was closed! :(

Camden Lock, part of the historic Camden Market, is the creative and cultural heart of London. Featuring some of London's finest designers, artists and independent sellers, as well as a delicious selection of the best food venders in town, Camden Lock is a favourite spot for locals and tourists, and deservedly so. Camden Lock

The Camden Markets reminded me a lot of Bugis Street in Singapore. 

Found a lovely Fish and Chips place for lunch! 


After Camden, we decided to head around London exploring more of the lovely city! We found Neal's Yard, a little hideaway by accident. 

If you want to drop by somewhere for coffee, I'd definitely recommend Neal's Yard. It seems like time has stopped there while people are sitting by each other having a beer or a cuppa.

Wish I had more time to explore that place!

(As I am writing this from my work desk back in Brisbane................. I feel so depressed RN. #postholidayblues)

London: Honest Burgers

Here is a photo dedicated to Honest Burgers in London. 

Not that it was particularly remarkable or anything (Grill'd in Australia beats this any day) but because it saved us on a night when we were superbly hungry :) 

London: Pierre Victoire

Randomly stumbled across this place on our first day of London-ing. 

It honestly looked like a very unimpressive restaurant as it was tucked away in an alley-like area as some parts of that street was closed off for renovations. Nonetheless, Ross and I decided to have lunch here and HOLY POTATO, it turned out to be one of the best meals ever in my life. 

Here's a link in case anyone ever wants to go there when they are in London. 

London calling (I)

Ross and I embarked on a trip around Europe sometime in the middle of April. We've actually planned this for the longest time and it felt so surreal when we finally made it!

We started off with London! The rumours are true -- London is cold and dreary... but that doesn't subtract anything at all from the beauty of what used to be the world's capital. 

Cold and dreary! Dark and gloomy! That's London for you :P 

The Breakfast Club. 

Honestly, TBC wasnt as amazing as I thought it would be. If you like artery clogging fatty food, this is for you - but for me? I may come back again... or not. 

After breakfast, an amble around town was a given. We found the Admiralty Arch along the way! 

Some changing of the guards thingy. It lost my attention halfway because it was raining and I was cold. #grumpy 

Downing Street! David Cameron probably has to move out soon :(  #brexit

Serious shit going on in there. 

The London Eye! 

Some very important statue that has to do with feminism on the London Bridge. 

Trafalgar Square! 

Random pic of Oxford Street! This will be forever known as the place where I gave up on life because of how long Ross takes to shop.

If anyone has also noticed the lack of enthusiasm in this post, that's because I've actually already written this post twice but didn't save it. So, this is actually the third time I'm writing this post. I will do better next time :P 

Photolog: Venice (II) - Campanile Di San Marco

(Note: Posting this in random order! I just loved this set of photos and couldn't wait to share them on this page.)

On the second or third day of visiting Venice, at a time where we had no idea what we should possibly do, Ross and I decided to pay 8 or so Euros to go up a bell tower to check out the views of Venice.

Warning - It is extremely important to bring ten coats, a pair of earmuffs, ten pairs of gloves and maybe even a portable fireplace up there as I briefly considered jumping off the Campanile when the wind blew at me.

All the photos above was taken with an iPhone 6, with filters randomly thrown on.

One thing for sure, the views up there was absolutely amazing. I stayed there for only 10 minutes due to the cold but it was worth every penny :)

Photolog: Venice (I)

(Note: Posting this in random order! I just loved this set of photos and couldn't wait to share them on this page.)

Venice is definitely on the top of my list when it comes to favourite destination in Europe. I remember randomly roaming the streets on the first day when we got to Venice. We came to a little suburb. We had no idea where we were and we had to walk a few kms to get back to our AirBnB. I remember feeling slightly tired and grumpy (one day, I'll talk about what a terrible travelling companion I am #poorross) but looking back, it was such a beautiful day.

Pretty sure I've also left a big part of my heart back in Venice <3