The introduction to all things Phoebunny

Well, well, well. Isn't this another attempt at rebooting

Context: I've had a blog since I was 13/14? I've constantly been documenting my life in bite-sized pieces of bad grammar and shitty pixelated camera photos till I realised one day that my past is embarrassing. Thus, I deleted my blog and everything that has been cached by google. #internetninja

So why did I restart this blog and will this be faithfully updated?

1) I wanted a space to share all the awesome photos that I took in Europe! Also, I have the memory lifespan of a goldfish and I think I should write all of my memories down before I forget them :(

2) I have been doing quite a bit of travelling for the past few years. So, why not?

Annnnnd, probably... probably not. I have no idea, we'll see. But to avoid disappointing anyone, it is unlikely as I am very lazy.

Welcome to the all-new! I hope you enjoy your stay :)